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The Domestic Collection – The Object As An Utopian Proposal.

"Jill Daniels speaks through solitary pieces of furniture to communicate ideas about her past life and future aspirations. Her acrylic paintings of chairs, ottomans, beds and lounging sofas hint at the kind of symbolism found in a world where the unexplained is governed by supernatural rules." AndrewShire Gallery – Soohoh Gallery West into East exhibition, Korea.


Jill Daniels contemporary painter explains her series "The Domestic Collection"

In a recent conversation with Leslie Marchetti, Jill Daniels explains the "Domestic Collection". by explaining her painting "Being Known" A series of original acrylic on canvas using urban furnishings to mirror events in her's as well as the observers life experiences.

Jill Daniels

jill daniels

"Through the use of iconic pieces of furniture, I give voice to human connections, thus documenting a world for my viewers where the unexplained is governed by supernatural rules."

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